Tuesday, June 16, 2009

start 2 bz but fun ^^

wut made me happy???
yea, im on part time job starting 2day
waiting for posting made me sick
too late...
maybe diz year or cud be next year
i solemnly swear
i cant do nothing at home...so bored
at least when i work
i get new frens, new environment, new experience and....
money..money..money (hahaha)...
money isnt very important here
i juz want to do something benefits
and it juz fun working there (where?..)
KODAK picture studio =D
noe y?
cuz i can take a lot of my pictures for FREE
but d matter is...
there's no wireless even broadband
so that i cant get to internet while working
happy working YANA! yeay...

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